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What ever happened to the village people?


Imagine you were born in a small rural village somewhere in the UK. You went to primary school there, grew up among all your childhood friends, you knew the couple who ran the post office because you called for sweets every week and, later in life, the family who ran the local pub where you enjoyed your first legal pint.

The thing is, once through college, it would probably become increasingly evident that continuing to live the rural idyll was going to become almost impossible – at least without the continued benevolence of your parents.

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Location, location, location


There’s been quite a bit of theorising in the property press recently about what sort of house brings the best price.

Live on a street with a royal connection of some sort? Apparently it could add significantly to the value of your property ( – although it seems an apostrophe is important.
Live near the sea? If so, you could add as much as an extra 70% to the normal asking price (
Live on a lane rather than your more common “road” or “street”? That could be worth an extra £100,000 (

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Land of confusion


It’s pretty tough to gauge which way the property market is swinging, even for those who watch it avidly.

Just this month, the Halifax was announcing a slight drop in house prices ( while the Nationwide reckoned they were marginally up ( So, who was right?

The answer is they both were; each company uses its own metrics to analyse how the market is performing and, as a result, it’s not unusual for them to come up with differing results. The margin of difference may not be that large but, on this occasion, it was around the tipping point, which left one saying one thing and the other something which, at first sight, seemed to be completely different.

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