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What price would you place on a good school?


There’s been quite a bit in the papers recently about the price people will pay to live in the catchment area of a good school. Santander reckoned it adds up to £30,000 to the value of the average home ( while Lloyds Bank went even higher with £40,000 (

Nothing has been reported on just how many sellers have since made a beeline for their estate agents, demanding that they hike the price of their property by the appropriate amount – but, even if they did, it’s unlikely they will have returned home hypothetically any richer.

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What ever happened to the village people?


Imagine you were born in a small rural village somewhere in the UK. You went to primary school there, grew up among all your childhood friends, you knew the couple who ran the post office because you called for sweets every week and, later in life, the family who ran the local pub where you enjoyed your first legal pint.

The thing is, once through college, it would probably become increasingly evident that continuing to live the rural idyll was going to become almost impossible – at least without the continued benevolence of your parents.

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Location, location, location


There’s been quite a bit of theorising in the property press recently about what sort of house brings the best price.

Live on a street with a royal connection of some sort? Apparently it could add significantly to the value of your property ( – although it seems an apostrophe is important.
Live near the sea? If so, you could add as much as an extra 70% to the normal asking price (
Live on a lane rather than your more common “road” or “street”? That could be worth an extra £100,000 (

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Land of confusion


It’s pretty tough to gauge which way the property market is swinging, even for those who watch it avidly.

Just this month, the Halifax was announcing a slight drop in house prices ( while the Nationwide reckoned they were marginally up ( So, who was right?

The answer is they both were; each company uses its own metrics to analyse how the market is performing and, as a result, it’s not unusual for them to come up with differing results. The margin of difference may not be that large but, on this occasion, it was around the tipping point, which left one saying one thing and the other something which, at first sight, seemed to be completely different.

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Do you have £5K to burn?


According to an article in the Daily Express this week, people in the UK have paid a total of £17bn in unexpected fees when moving home over the last two years. Yes … That’s right. A massive £17 BILLION, which equates to around £5,000 per mover.


To be honest, we find the figures shocking. The logistics of moving housecan be stressful enough without finding yourself saddled with significant additional cost.

Of course, the problem can be compounded by the value of property these days. When the average house is thought to be worth upwards of £275,000, what’s £5k in the scheme of things?

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A world where anything is possible….(The Matrix, 1999)


Back in the year 2000, we were all probably slightly bemused that we arrived in the new millennium without the predicted global collapse of informational technology.

After all, we’d all heard so much about the so-called “Millennium Bug”, it undermined our confidence in our computers, even persuading us to squirrel away hard copies of important documents “just in case”.

But that was 15 years ago and, in just a short time, technology has come on in leaps and bounds – so much so, in fact, we now trust the internet with our banking, our weekly shopping and even our personal relationships.

It’s strange then that there are still some who will warn against using it for significant purchases – not least traditional high street estate agents who are not against warning off sellers considering their online options.Of course, they have a vested interest but many will weave mystery and jargon around the process of selling a house, making it sound so much more complicated than it needs to be.

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The offer you can refuse!


Imagine the scene …

You’ve just been shown around a house and you’ve been quite impressed with the roomy garden and the modern bathroom. There are a couple more properties on your list still to see but you like this one enough to see if there’s any leeway in the asking price. It’s on the market for £269,000 but your upward limit is £265,000.

“Do you think the owners might take £265,000?” you ask the sharp-suited estate agent with the clipboard tucked under his arm.

And, before you know it, he’s suddenly pumping your hand.

“Congratulations! You’ve just bought yourself a house…!”

It happens. It’s a somewhat sneaky way to close a sale but buyers – particularly first-time buyers – can be so swept away by the sudden excitement of a house purchase they don’t realise that they didn’t actually make an offer.

Some might argue that sort of sharp practice is how estate agents earn their fees. After all, they’re there to sell your property and, if they succeed – and succeed quickly – you might not want to ask too many questions about how they did it.

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So what will my property be worth in 2016?


One of the first things any estate agent gets asked is for an opinion on the health of the housing market. What’s going to happen in the next few weeks? If I want the best price for my house, should I put it on the market now or wait for a few months? I’m thinking of selling my house next year so what will the market be like by then …? That sort of thing.

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Real time service for Zoopla


Zoopla has announced a real time listing service meaning members (estate agents) can add new properties on to their websites within minutes.

ZPG (Zoopla Property Group) who own several property websites and portals including Zoopla and Primelocation are currently in testing mode with its real time listings but hope to roll out a live version across its members within weeks.

David Rook from esale said “It can currently take up to 24 hours for a listing to go live on the various property portals so as a member of ZPG we are looking forward to using the new service to get our clients property to the market quicker”

How to prepare your house for viewings


When selling your house, there are some factors that you can’t change easily. The location, the neighbourhood and the structural state of the house are all considerations that will effect the value of the property that may be beyond your control. When selling a your home, your focus should be on making every aspect of your property shine as much as you possibly can for potential buyers. To put it simply, when preparing for viewings, image is everything; you need to make sure that people viewing your property see it in the best possible light.

Follow these tips and you have the best chance of maximising the sale value of your home:

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