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Of course expert opinion can be helpful and, in one way or another, we all probably rely on it for one thing or another when it comes to making everyday decisions. There is a down side though when people in the know make forecasts as what they predict can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take Brexit as an example. The debate is already heating up as we head towards a vote on Britain’s future role in the EU – and not just among politicians. Some will tell you leaving will be a disaster for the UK economy and others are equally adamant that going it alone will be good for the country in the long run.

It’s no different in property and, although there are a few – mostly with vested interests – who will tell you that the Great Debate isn’t really putting the brakes on house sales, more are saying there’s every evidence that sellers are waiting until after June’s vote before putting their home on the market.

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The House That Talked

Esale Online Estate Agents


We had to take or hats off  to someone who beat us to a novel way to sell your house on the internet.

It’s what we do for a living and to be honest we thought we had all the bases covered. We advertise our clients’ homes on all the major portals, we have a state-of-art website (how do you like the new one, by the way?) we’re active on all the main social media channels, we use video and – seeing as you’re reading it – we guess you know we also blog quite regularly. But still someone – and someone possibly not even in the property game – came up with a new way of getting their home in front of buyers. How? Well, put simply, they gave their house in Bradford its own Twitter account.

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Can I sell my house myself?

Image showing home made for sale board

If you have ever thought about selling your property yourself to save on estate agent fees but wondered how to go about it then read on. Below are some frequently asked questions from people wanting to sell their own property.


Do I need an estate agent?

The way property is bought and sold in the UK is changing. The majority of purchasers find their property on the internet. Gone have the days of trawling the high street estate agents collecting brochures. People want instant access to all the properties available from the comfort of their own. The three big property websites, Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location cater for this need, they have invested millions of pounds in convincing buyers that there is no need to look for a property elsewhere. The key to selling your own property is advertising it on one, or preferably all of the big three websites.

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Why Christmas might not be the time for sharing

Image showing shared ownership


The price of property in the UK has been a hot topic for much of 2015 and was even the focus of most parties’ election campaigns during the elections in May.

Much has been made of the Government’s attempts since to tackle talk of a “housing crisis”, fuelled by property prices rising beyond the reach of most while rents have also increased, leaving many on the breadline.

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A true story


“A couple of years ago we decided we would emigrate. Naturally, it was a big decision and one taken only after a considerable research and a lot of thought – but we knew straight away one of the biggest tasks would be selling our house.

“We thought the best time to make the move would be the summer. We thought we’d need the winter to get all those DIY jobs done around the house before putting it on the market. Besides, like so many others, we didn’t think anyone would be looking at moving in the run-up to Christmas so hadn’t even considered approaching an agent. When we made contact with Esale is was really just to take advantage of the speedy and free valuation advertised on their website.

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Moving to North Yorkshire: A Spotlight on House Prices

Image showing Harrogate



North Yorkshire has diverse appeal as a place to live, work and explore, renowned for its rolling hills, historic towns and of course the infamous Bettys tea rooms. However, beyond the attractions that draw visitors to the region every year, this picturesque part of Yorkshire is home to some stunning properties – new and old – with prices far below those you’d expect to find in more southerly areas of the UK.

And yet, as homebuyers wake up to the benefits of moving to North Yorkshire, house prices in the county have been growing rapidly. To give you an idea of what you could expect to buy within your budget, let’s take a look at some of hot spots in the region, and why you might want to relocate there.

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10 Reasons to Use an Online Estate Agent

Image showing 10 reasons to use an online estate agent



Nowadays, we manage almost everything online from our laptops, smartphones and tablets. And yet when it comes to buying and selling houses, many people prefer to visit their local estate agents. Moving home is a momentous decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But as online estate agents become increasingly sophisticated, should you be wary of their services? Not if you choose one you can trust.

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Ten things you’re estate agent probably doesn’t want to hear

Image showing estate agent not listening

So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve spent a little time and money getting it ready for the market, you’ve done your research on what it might be worth and you’ve picked your estate agent. You’ve made the appointment and now you’re waiting in for them to visit to cast a professional eye over your property?

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It’s time to get a move on

Image showing people moving house

We’re getting to the time of year when some will tell you, if you’re thinking of selling your house, you’re better off waiting a few months.

The clocks go back shortly and, as the nights draw in, some will claim it’s harder for prospective viewers to find time to inspect properties in daylight. They may also remind you that your garden isn’t at its best in the winter months either and, besides, most minds are occupied by thoughts of Christmas – and just how they’re going to afford all the kids’ presents, never mind a mortgage.

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More action – less talk

Image showing man with padlock on mouth

The interesting thing about the “housing crisis” all the politicians have been talking about throughout the party conference season is that no one has really mentioned the cause. It’s almost as if it’s arrived like a storm from the Atlantic or some sort of food alert like BSE or foot-and-mouth disease. No one seems to be to blame. It’s just … happened.

The truth of course is an entirely different matter and the causes are actually pretty numerous.

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