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New Year, New Home …?

New Year, New Home …?

Christmas tends to be a time when we take a moment to sit back and take stock of our lives.

Of course we know having family round and enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine can lead to a little sentimentality – either about how things are right now or how they used to be; and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, as well as the inevitable nostalgia, it’s also a time when we look to the future and make promises to ourselves and, for some, that may be a moving house.

A Time To Dream

Of course, new-year resolutions are frequently broken – some within days or weeks – and uprooting the family and moving somewhere different is one of the most stressful experiences we go through in life.

But it’s by no means impossible; thousands of people do it every year. But it’s also easy to have your dreams trampled all over, not necessarily by cold hard facts but often by worries over finances and even how national or world events will affect your plans.

But, if you’re determined, methodical and thorough in your preparation, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you can’t make your dreams of a new place come true. All we would recommend is that you make sure you know the difference between facts and hearsay.

Facts Or Fiction

If someone begins to relate a story about the property market and how it may play out over the next few years, remember the things they may say may not be fact. Check them out. Ask people who work in the industry for their opinions and don’t rely on speculation.

If you have your own concerns – perhaps about the terms of a new mortgage, the impact of Brexit on property prices, relocating the dog or finding work if you’re planning to move further afield – remember Google is your friend. Research them and establish the facts not the imagined setbacks.

But before you do any of that, why not start the year by making a simple list of the advantages and disadvantages of a new home?

Be honest, take your time and include everything and, by the time you’ve finished, we’re pretty sure you’ll know where your heart really lies – and, as a result, what you probably need to do next.

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