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The offer you can refuse!

Imagine the scene …

You’ve just been shown around a house and you’ve been quite impressed with the roomy garden and the modern bathroom. There are a couple more properties on your list still to see but you like this one enough to see if there’s any leeway in the asking price. It’s on the market for £269,000 but your upward limit is £265,000.

“Do you think the owners might take £265,000?” you ask the sharp-suited estate agent with the clipboard tucked under his arm.

And, before you know it, he’s suddenly pumping your hand.

“Congratulations! You’ve just bought yourself a house…!”

It happens. It’s a somewhat sneaky way to close a sale but buyers – particularly first-time buyers – can be so swept away by the sudden excitement of a house purchase they don’t realise that they didn’t actually make an offer.

Some might argue that sort of sharp practice is how estate agents earn their fees. After all, they’re there to sell your property and, if they succeed – and succeed quickly – you might not want to ask too many questions about how they did it.

But, the thing is, there’s also a risk that a nifty bit of sales patter or an industry euphemism too many can come back to bite you. If, once a buyer has had time to think, they believe they may have just been stampeded or misled, then they are far more likely to change their minds. The property you thought was sold has to go back on the market. (https://www.propertywire.com/news/europe/uk-home-sales-failures-2015071010736.html).

At Esale, our promise is that we offer the best possible customer service – and that means no-nonsense, sound advice based on our experience of the property market and what it’s doing at the moment. We might not have flash cars or swish offices but we do have your best interests at heart. If you’d like to know more about how we roll, why not start with a glance at our packages for sellers? (https://esaleuk.com/ourservices/).

If you start out with us and don’t like how it’s going, you can even fall back on our money-back guarantee.

We’ll hope to hear from you soon …