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A world where anything is possible….(The Matrix, 1999)

Back in the year 2000, we were all probably slightly bemused that we arrived in the new millennium without the predicted global collapse of informational technology.

After all, we’d all heard so much about the so-called “Millennium Bug”, it undermined our confidence in our computers, even persuading us to squirrel away hard copies of important documents “just in case”.

But that was 15 years ago and, in just a short time, technology has come on in leaps and bounds – so much so, in fact, we now trust the internet with our banking, our weekly shopping and even our personal relationships.

It’s strange then that there are still some who will warn against using it for significant purchases – not least traditional high street estate agents who are not against warning off sellers considering their online options.Of course, they have a vested interest but many will weave mystery and jargon around the process of selling a house, making it sound so much more complicated than it needs to be.


It’s true that a knowledge of the vagaries of the industry are important and can help a seller avoid the pitfalls and get the best price for their home. However, it’s also true that we’re not all quite as naïve as some agents would have us believe.For a start, we can probably work out a rough idea of what our home is worth by comparing similar homes in the same area on Rightmove or Zoopla and then decide ourselves if we want to go high and risk our house being on the market for a while or go low and sell quickly.

It’s true that decent images of your property are mostly still in the realm of the professional. Poor pictures can make a lovely house hard to sell. Conveyancing and an EPC certificate also require professional input.

But we’re not entirely helpless. For example, anyone can now supplement the marketing of their home via social media, using their own online networks to spread links to details of their property.

At Esale, of course we still believe estate agents are a necessity – both traditional and online; choice is important and we accept there are still plenty of people who are not going to be comfortable online.

However, our promise to you is that we won’t patronise you or bamboozle you with industry clichés. Our job is to offer simple, honest advice based on the decades of shared experience our team can offer and then allow you to decide your next steps.

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