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A true story


“A couple of years ago we decided we would emigrate. Naturally, it was a big decision and one taken only after a considerable research and a lot of thought – but we knew straight away one of the biggest tasks would be selling our house.

“We thought the best time to make the move would be the summer. We thought we’d need the winter to get all those DIY jobs done around the house before putting it on the market. Besides, like so many others, we didn’t think anyone would be looking at moving in the run-up to Christmas so hadn’t even considered approaching an agent. When we made contact with Esale is was really just to take advantage of the speedy and free valuation advertised on their website.

“However, after a chat with the guys at the office, we were persuaded to make an appointment to discuss our plans in a bit more detail – and it proved to be a game-changer.“Not only was the valuation around what our own research had suggested, we were advised there was no need to spend a fortune on redecorating and that, far from waiting until the spring, we should get the house on the market immediately.

“Of course, there were doubts. The advice seemed to fly in the face of perceived wisdom and it would’ve been easy to wonder if we were simply being hustled by an agent happy to win a client with false promises.
“Nothing could have been further from the truth.“Not only did we have several viewings booked within 24 hours of our house going online, we had an offer we were happy to accept and agreed a sale within a fortnight.

“Suddenly, our plans were a reality – and all just in time for Christmas. Not only that, Esale lived up to every one of their promises, their advice saved us a fortune in refurbishment costs and their fees meant we paid them thousands less than if we had gone for a traditional percentage package. In turn, that meant we had more money to spend on relocation costs and on making ourselves comfortable in our new home abroad.

“So, if you’re thinking of selling but waiting until spring, you might want to think again. No sale is guaranteed of course, but what have you got to lose …?”

Steve Parsley,
Happy Esale customer,