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Can I sell my house myself?

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If you have ever thought about selling your property yourself to save on estate agent fees but wondered how to go about it then read on. Below are some frequently asked questions from people wanting to sell their own property.


Do I need an estate agent?

The way property is bought and sold in the UK is changing. The majority of purchasers find their property on the internet. Gone have the days of trawling the high street estate agents collecting brochures. People want instant access to all the properties available from the comfort of their own. The three big property websites, Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location cater for this need, they have invested millions of pounds in convincing buyers that there is no need to look for a property elsewhere. The key to selling your own property is advertising it on one, or preferably all of the big three websites.

But Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location will only deal with estate agents!

The big three website will not accept adverts directly from a vendor, they have a strict policy to only accept property details through one of their associate estate agents. And without having your property details on these sites your chances of finding a prospective purchaser ere very limited.

So how do I get around it?

More and more vendors are turning internet estate agents such as esale. Internet estate agents can offer you a happy medium between selling your property yourself and employing a traditional estate agent. As well as being able to market your property on the big three websites internet agents will also be able to help with other areas of selling your property but without the high commissions that traditional estate agents charge.


Why can’t online estate agents just launch my property for me on the portals allowing me to do everything else?

Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location do not allow any estate agents to offer a third party advertising only service for vendors. All estate agents must adhere to their code of practise and offer a “complete estate agency service” and act on the vendors behalf.

What should I consider when comparing online estate agents?

There are several online estate agents who cover the whole of the England and Wales. They offer various packages ranging from an upfront fee and nothing to pay on completion and a small upfront fee and a further fee on completion. The upfront fee always offer the best savings. Compare a few agents and you will find ones that includes other services to help promote your property such as professional photographs and floor plans. Check who they advertise with, make sure they will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. Have them value your property, this can usually be done from historical data provided by the land registry and the major property portals and does not have to include a visit.

What do esale offer?

At esale we will take photographs and accurate room measurements, we create a floor plan and provide an energy performance certificate all before the property gets advertised. We will also help you write a description of your property. At esale we will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location and provide and erect our eye catching for sale board. All enquiries about your property come through to our head office, we then liaise with you to arrange a suitable time for the viewing. We will also negotiate any offers on your behalf and help see the sale through to completion.

How much do esale charge?

At esale we believe in keeping things simple. We offer one package that includes everything you will need to sell your property. Our fee is just £595 including VAT which we believe to be the best value on the internet today.

Are there any additional cost to consider?

Most properties that are advertised for sale in England and Wales require an energy performance certificate (EPC). An EPC can only be performed by a qualified energy assessor. Expect to pay around £80-£100 for an EPC however esale are currently charging just £75 Inc VAT for an EPC.