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We had to take or hats off  to someone who beat us to a novel way to sell your house on the internet.

It’s what we do for a living and to be honest we thought we had all the bases covered. We advertise our clients’ homes on all the major portals, we have a state-of-art website (how do you like the new one, by the way?) we’re active on all the main social media channels, we use video and – seeing as you’re reading it – we guess you know we also blog quite regularly. But still someone – and someone possibly not even in the property game – came up with a new way of getting their home in front of buyers. How? Well, put simply, they gave their house in Bradford its own Twitter account.

The house now tweets pretty regularly about things such as how its features help it cope with the snow falling in the north over the last few days, it makes self-deprecating comments about its beige interior, chats with the guys Zoopla online and is happily building (pardon the pun) links with potential buyers through imaginative use of hashtags. Neat, isn’t it…?

In fact, like many others in the estate agency business, we sort of wish we’d thought of it first. It’s bound to get a bit of an online buzz going and we wouldn’t be surprised if it helped shift the property. But there is one problem. Like many great ideas, there’s a good chance it’ll probably only be really effective once. It’s like a great joke. Once you’ve heard it, it’s not as funny when someone else tries to tell it down at the pub.

Whoever you are @BfdHomeForSale, we salute you! We’ve enjoyed catching up with the account and, in a way, we hope you don’t sell too quickly as that will deprive us of a genuinely amusing feed. However, it’s likely your originality will be eroded by inferior copies and then everyone will go back to using online estate agents in much the same way as they have before – or at least we jolly well hope so!