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Of course expert opinion can be helpful and, in one way or another, we all probably rely on it for one thing or another when it comes to making everyday decisions. There is a down side though when people in the know make forecasts as what they predict can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take Brexit as an example. The debate is already heating up as we head towards a vote on Britain’s future role in the EU – and not just among politicians. Some will tell you leaving will be a disaster for the UK economy and others are equally adamant that going it alone will be good for the country in the long run.

It’s no different in property and, although there are a few – mostly with vested interests – who will tell you that the Great Debate isn’t really putting the brakes on house sales, more are saying there’s every evidence that sellers are waiting until after June’s vote before putting their home on the market.

The result? More homeowners are influenced to follow suit and, sure enough, the market really does begin to slow down.

The thing is, for the last year or so, property has actually been pretty vibrant. There have been few signs that prices won’t continue to rise for the foreseeable future and mortgage deals are among the most generous we’ve seen. The Bank of England isn’t indicating a rate rise either – at least not in the short-term – and the only sector the Government seems interested in curtailing is the buy-to-let market.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, at Esaleuk.com, we believe the best time to sell is when someone wants to buy your property – and that’s just as likely to be today as in July. Sure, if you’re a property investor, then there could be a little extra profit in waiting for the uncertainty to diminish. Just as we saw after the elections in 2015, there could be a sudden surge in buying activity, especially at the top end of the market.

But, for Joe Public, are there any significant advantages to sitting around for another three months? Well maybe. Just maybe … But, is that enough to miss out on a sale? Wouldn’t you rather watch the results of that Brexit election in front of the telly in the comfort of your new home – which might even have cost a little less than it would in the summer?

It’s up to you of course but, if you do decide to press the “go” button, we’re ready and waiting … Just drop us a line at info@esaleuk.com or give us a call for free on 0800 025 3451.