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There’s no doubt the internet has changed how we live – from shopping on line to staying in touch with family and friends.

Estate agency is no different and, these days, you can even sell your house online – particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

High street agents still have a place of course. There will always be folk who are going to more comfortable dealing with an agent face-to-face. But, with average commission at around 1.5%, you will be paying thousands of pounds rather than hundreds charged by the cheapest online estate agent. Low cost estate agents are not hard to find. Indeed, using search terms like sell house cheap or sell my house cheap will more than likely throw up a list of dozens to choose from. But, before you make a choice about which one to contact, we’d certainly counsel a little research.

Do you know anyone who has sold their home online for example? What sort of experience did they have? If you don’t, why not have a look on independent review website Trustpilot, where you can search either for a specific company of just browse comments on who has done a great job – and who hasn’t.

Just like in any other line of business, not all cheap online estate agents are the same. Some offer more options than others – like our own 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee for example. Some, like us, will also offer you the option of paying up front or one completion. But why not start with a check-list, pick three who best match your budget and see who ticks the most boxes? You may even be able to haggle a little if one comes close to matching all your criteria. But, remember at all times you are the customer. It may be that you’re on the lookout for cheap estate agents but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer second best when it comes to customer service.

As you’re on our page, you’re only a click away from finding out more about us. We’re here if you need us – perhaps with a valuation, if that’s all you need for now. But one thing we will promise is sound, professional, no-nonsense advice. After all, what more would you expect from a company with its roots in Yorkshire.