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If you’re considering a splash of paint or even a more extensive facelift before putting your home on the market, it tends to be the main living space or the kitchen which gets the attention.

But, if you think about it, it’s the entrance hallway which a potential buyer sees first – and, more often than not, it’s the space which shows the most wear and tear. Dirty shoes and hands leave their mark, carpets can get a little frayed around the edges as we come and go and the general detritus from our daily lives – gloves, hats, shoes, boots, coats, umbrellas – seems to find a home not far from the front door.

Better, then, to start here if you’re thinking of spending a little money – and, with a little creative thought, you can actually add quite a bit of “wow factor” without breaking the bank and be well on your way to making a good impression when selling your house.

Let there be light…

Does your front door have glass panels? Obviously, they let in more light and can transform a dark and dingy hallway but, if you’re not keen or prefer not to invest hundreds in a new front door, a large picture mirror can also help. It’s also handy to have a somewhere to check your look before you leave home.

Storage solutions…

Rather than a single coat rack and a jumble of shoes, have you considered a narrow, open-fronted unit with alcoves of differing sizes and perhaps some drawers? There are some swish options offered by some of the modern furniture stores these days. If it’s of the flat-pack variety, it’ll be easy enough to dismantle and take with you when your sale goes through.

Pick a colour …

Neutral décor is recommended when preparing for a move as it presents a buyer with a blank canvas but, if you like to be a little unconventional the hallway isn’t a bad place to start. Bright colours can lift the space under the stairs; if your hallway is dominated by them, the stairs themselves can even become a feature. Stripped wood rather a dark or patterned carpet, a single coloured stair or a feature wall can all make a statement.

Say it with flowers…

… Or any striking plant, to be honest. Not only do they add colour, they can become features in themselves, particularly if they’re chosen to match a theme. Imitations take little looking after but – although some will say they’re a bit ‘80s – there’s still a place for a yucca, cheese plant, peace lily or a decorative fig tree.

Knock on wood…

As well as the stairway, a wooden floor in the entrance hall can give it a lift and make it that bit easier to keep clean. It doesn’t have to be solid wood, a decent laminate will do the job but pick a lighter colour rather than a dark wood.

If you’re stuck for ideas or need a little inspiration, a quick Google on a site such as Ideal Home or House and Garden might get your started. Best to begin with a budget though and try to stick to it or you may find you’re over-investing in something a new owner will change as soon as they move it. Remember the objective is to start a viewing on the right foot rather than convince a prospective buyer that they’ve discovered another Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.

We’re estate agents rather than interior designers but, if you think we can assist with other ideas which may help to sell your home, feel free to give us a call. We’re here if you need us.