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Hybrid seems to have become quite a popular word of late. We’ve seen it most recently in the automotive industry of course but, if you follow the property market, you will have already seen it tagged onto the front of estate agency businesses too.

But what does “hybrid estate agency” actually mean?

The High Street Henrys

In short, it’s generally used to describe an estate agent based on your local high street who has worked out how to use the internet.

Before the turn of the Millennium, most relied purely on the local media, brochures and their own shop fronts to advertise your property. But, over the last 15 years and particularly since the arrival of online portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla – and, more recently, the growth in the number of online estate agencies – they have had to confront the reality they were being left behind.

The undeniable fact is that, these days, most of us prefer armchair research to tramping up and down rainy high streets looking for our ideal home (between 70% and 90% of us, depending on whose statistics you believe). Many traditional high street estate agents have had to accept that and have had to incorporate advertising homes on the property portals into their business model.

The result? Hey presto! They are now hybrid estate agents…

The Online Option

You would think it would work the other way too. After all, there are some internet-based estate agents out there – ourselves included – who have learned that to eliminate all trace of human interaction from the buying and selling process isn’t necessarily the way forward either.

As a result, assisted viewings have been incorporated into our offer; face-to-face appointments can be arranged and we can also supply For Sale boards, EPCs, photographs and bespoke property descriptions. We are always contactable by phone – customer service is our byword, we’re currently rated second in our field on independent review website Trustpilot and we’ve even won awards.

But, because we lack a high street presence, for industry purposes we remain an “online estate agent”. We are not deemed a hybrid – at least not among many of our peers.

The thing is, it’s not approval from other estate agents that we seek. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s yours.

If you think we’re an online agent, fine. If you think we qualify as a hybrid, then that’s all good too. But the most important thing to us is that you are satisfied with the service we provide. If you’re not then, as far as we know, we’re the only estate agent prepared to offer a no-quibble guarantee – as long as you tell us you’re not happy within 30 days.

Like to give us a try? Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. Perhaps we can get you started with a free, no-obligation valuation. What happens next is then down to you.