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If you’re getting a property ready for market, it can be tempting to go to town on refurbishments. It seems to make sense that, if you spend some cash on a little rejuvenation, you’ll get it back in spades on the asking price of your property.

The thing is, in reality, it’s a risk. There are no recommended retail prices when it comes to property and your house is worth no more than someone is willing to pay – and that might not be as high as the figure you have in your head. Spend a fortune on an extension or a conservatory and you may not recoup the cost.

In our experience, the best policy is to have a look at the property portals to see what similar homes are selling for in your area and then get a valuation from a couple of estate agents which should give a ball park figure for what your home is worth.

However, if you still think a few improvements could help bring your home up to date, we’d suggest they’re modest – and here are a few ideas:


We’re all far more reliant on the internet these days so why not look at having a few more ethernet connections installed around the house. If kids’ bedrooms can have a cable connection to the internet for all their gadgetry, it could help sell your home.

TV points

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s we all probably used to have a single aerial socket for the one television we owned but TVs are everywhere these days. Again a few more places to put them could help. Have you thought of wall mountings for flat-screen TVs? It could be worth looking into…

Socket To Them

There are more electrical house appliances around the average homes than there used to be even a decade ago. A kitchen with an abundance of wall sockets is a boon and a few extra dotted around the house won’t go amiss.

Paperless Homes

The trend these days tends to be towards “mood walls”. Wallpaper hasn’t disappeared completely but it’s not as popular as it used to be. If it’s beginning to peel, our advice would be to strip it and get the paint tin out rather than replace it.

These are just a few ideas but a little research of some of the interior design pages could help too. If you’d like any more advice on moving home, please do feel free to browse earlier blog posts or give us a call. We’d be delighted to assist if we can.