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When selling your house, there are some factors that you can’t change easily. The location, the neighborhood and the structural state of the house are all considerations that will effect the value of the property that may be beyond your control. When selling a your home, your focus should be on making every aspect of your property shine as much as you possibly can for potential buyers. To put it simply, when preparing for viewings, image is everything; you need to make sure that people viewing your property see it in the best possible light.

Follow these tips and you have the best chance of maximising the sale value of your home:

  1. Good lighting will help you sell your property. Something as simple as insuring that you have natural light coming into the living and bedrooms can have an enormous impact on people viewing your home. No one likes dingy rooms and any dark corners will appear uninviting to visitors. So, draw the curtains and make sure that any drapes or blinds are clean and tied back.
  2. De-clutter. A messy house will detract potential buyers so it’s a good idea to make sure that you empty the house of clutter and any unnecessary items. There’s nothing wrong with people knowing that the house is lived in, but you need to create a space that it’s easy for them to visualise themselves living in.
  3. Get rid of the pets! You might love your pets, but it’s important to note that people viewing the house may not be so fond of your furry friends. Allergies are extremely common, so make sure you thoroughly hoover any pet hairs from soft furnishings and carpets. First impressions are of vital importance. It’s possible that something as simple as sneezing on entering the property could put people off.
  4. Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms. Your kitchen or bathroom may be perfectly serviceable, but if you have a minor mould issue or an unclean oven then this could be seen as an extra cost in future by viewers. Deep clean all surfaces, paying attention to areas that are normally neglected like tiles and around sink fixtures. This way, your house will seem clean and ready to move into without having to shell out for renovations.

Preparing a house for a viewing is something that if done well can add thousands to your home. People looking at your house are much more likely to want to buy if they can imagine themselves living happily in it. Simple steps like cleaning and tidying may sound basic, but they can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your asking price. Pay attention to the details and the rest will follow.