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And, as it’s one of our USPs, perhaps we can be excused for promoting our money-back guarantee via our social media channels and on our website.

But perhaps it’s not surprising that it still raises a few eyebrows – not just among our rivals but among potential customers.

After all, as a general rule, the stereotypical estate agent isn’t usually associated with hard and fast promises; it’s more a line of business based on probabilities.

But let’s be clear; our offer of your money back is not about whether we can sell your house. If truth be told, no estate agent in the land can give you a 100% guarantee that they’ll be able to do that, no matter what they tell you. There are simply too many variables.

Our promise is more about the level of service you can expect if you instruct us:

We promise that we won’t try to befuddle you with jargon. We’ll try to speak to you in plain English rather than agent-speak at all times.

We promise that we won’t fob you off with a call centre once you instruct us. Your sale will be managed personally by a member of the team from start to finish.

We promise we won’t insist that you use the services of associates such as a solicitor, a mortgage broker or a removal firm. Of course, we have partners we would recommend by they are not part of the deal.

We promise to provide a comprehensive estate agency service for the price quoted and with no added extras. There will be no hidden costs, deferred payments, or thinly-veiled credit agreements and VAT is included on both the packages we offer.

We promise professional images and floor plans, individually scripted and professionally written property descriptions, a year’s worth of marketing on ALL the main property portals, feedback on viewings and sales negotiations following YOUR instructions.

Finally, we promise to refund our fee if, within 30 days of instructing us, you are unhappy with the service we provide FOR ANY REASON.

We may not be the biggest; we’d accept you may be reading this simply because you haven’t heard of us before. But, if a small team based in Yorkshire can make it into the top five in our sector in the UK for customer service, then we must be doing something right. Why not give us a call and maybe we can do it for you too …