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THUMBS UP FOR TRUSTPILOT.  If you don’t work in the commercial sector or if you’re not self-employed then we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t come across the independent review website Trustpilot.

It works in much the same way as Trip Advisor but it’s there for customers of companies not in the hospitality or tourism trade. If you were impressed with the level of customer service you received then you can leave a review; equally, you can vent your frustrations if you weren’t.

Do the facts lie?

Some might say – just like Trip Advisor – it’s open to abuse. Companies have been accused of loading their approval ratings by persuading customers to say nice things about them or their family and friends to do much the same. Equally, rivals could be tempted to spike their guns by posting fake reviews too.

But administrators of sites like these have become wiser to the pitfalls and have improved their moderation techniques over time so it’s getting harder for those who might be inclined to tip the balance in their favour to massage figures to make them look better than they really are when it comes to customer service.

So what?

Well, at eSale we’re actually quite proud to be rated in the top five online estate agencies in the UK and ahead of some of our much larger rivals. It’s therefore a little frustrating to have Trustpilot ratings dismissed by our rivals as unrepresentative or misleading.

Performance matters

Of course, there’s an element of “well they would, wouldn’t they?” If some of these leading estate agents performed as well or even better than we do, then there would probably be a lot less said in the industry press about the gerrymandering of approval ratings.

But we prefer to let our customers do the talking and, although we are happy to admit that we do highlight the Trustpilot website when our vendors’ dealings with us are complete, it’s up to them to decide whether they want to spare the time to write a few words about the service we provide.

We are fortunate that so many have and grateful that by far the majority have spent a few minutes relating the details of a positive experience. But the important thing is that we respect their decision if they choose not to and apply no pressure to change their minds.

In that way, we can be sure that our 9.7/10 rating is genuine and something we can be proud of achieving, no matter what our rivals may say.