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It may be tempting to go with the usual estate agents’ jargon when you’re putting your house on the market but, when it comes to selling property, experts will tell you buyers are looking for facts and features rather than the familiar superlatives.

It may well be that your home really is “deceptively spacious” or “immaculately presented” and there are times when it definitely needs saying. However, just like in any other sector, the same phrases used over and over again can lose their meaning and become clichéd.

So – although we definitely wouldn’t rule out using some of the stock terms if they’re genuinely warranted – we would always advise our vendors to check the first few paragraphs of any property description to make sure the features which make their home stand out are there.

It’s not always easy; on the online property portals, you only have a couple of images and about 300 characters to draw a buyer in and persuade them to click on the link to see extended details of your home.

So, what should be in there if you want to tempt a buyer to spend a little more time looking at your house? Here are ten things to choose from:

What’s there already?

Remember the title of your advert will probably already include details of how many bedrooms your home has, where it’s located and whether it’s detached, an apartment or a bungalow so you don’t need to waste any of your 300 characters on that. Try to decide which features you think a buyer would find most attractive and concentrate on those.

The Chain

If you’re selling with no upward chain, it can be a significant factor when it comes to a buyer making an offer. Remember they may already have seen three or four homes which offer everything they’re looking for but the fact you’re free to move quickly could be a clincher. Mention it early if you can and you may find you end up with more viewings than most.


There are quite a few things you could include these days; good schools, a decent supermarket, a phone signal and broadband speeds are all on the list of amenities which are said to add value to a property. But don’t forget that things like a quiet cul-de-sac or a rural or coastal location are also huge draws; if you can fit them in, buyers may click to see more.

The kitchen

Everyone’s home has one but is there anything which makes yours stand out? Can it be described as open-plan, galley-style, extended or modern, for example? Don’t forget there are some pretty strict controls estate agents have to abide by which prevent vendors from including anything which could be described as deliberately misleading so don’t be tempted to tell any fibs. You won’t have any room to list all the mod cons either. However, if you can think of an adjective which encapsulates the style, it might be enough to tempt a potential buyer to click on a link for a closer look.

Utility Room

Quite a lot of kitchen space can be taken up with appliances such as washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and fridge-freezers so having somewhere else to put them can be a real bonus. If you have a utility room, it’s worth mentioning, particularly if it includes a separate sink, plumbing for appliances or even some room for storage.

The Study

A study is often attractive as it offers a buyer some versatility. It could also be an extra occasional bedroom, a teenager’s cave, a games room or a hobby room. If it has a phone point and an Ethernet socket, even better.

En suite

If one of the bedrooms has an en suite bathroom or shower, it’s probably worth saying so. Don’t worry too much if you think it needs refurbishing or a little TLC; a buyer often has their own style anyway so may well want to gut it and start again. The important thing is that you have one so they won’t have to extend the property of invest in an internal re-design if it’s on their wish list.

A Conservatory or Extension

Either is a bit like the property equivalent of a box of cereals with 30% extra free. There is an opportunity to create a perception in the buyer’s mind that they’re getting more for their money. Failing to make anything of that is a missed opportunity.

A Garage

Of course we all know a garage can become a glorified store room but, to begin with, many of us want one to use for what it was intended. After all, not only does a garage help to protect our second-largest financial investment, it helps to keep insurance premiums down. Some are also fitted out as workshops or come with other extras which help it feel more like a “man shed”. If it has electric doors, even better as you may have something to attract the gadget geeks.

 A Garden

Like the kitchen, you may need to be a little more creative when you’re describing your garden. Is it split-level or does it include a decent array of plants and shrubs? Is there a shed or a greenhouse, a summer house or a pergola? Does it include a sun terrace, a patio or some decking? Perhaps there’s a pond or some other water feature. A may be difficult to list them all but, if you can spend some time thinking how best to do it justice, it’s time well spent as a garden is towards the top of so many buyers’ wish lists.

The Loft

If you have had the loft boarded or converted into a playroom or even proper storage space it’s worth a mention. Again, like a study, it offers a buyer options; they may not want to use the space in the same way you have but knowing they have it to play with can be attractive, particularly to a growing family.

Of course, with roughly 300 characters available in the introductory paragraph to your property description, it’s impossible to fit in all ten of the above. It’s really an exercise in picking the best features and thinking creatively to ensure they catch the eye.

If you’d like a hand, feel free to give us a call or why not have a look at some of the examples on our properties page here?  https://esaleuk.com/properties-2-2/

Best of luck – and, if there’s anything else we can do to help you sell your property, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to do what we can to assist.