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eSale crowdfunding phase two.

We are having a second round of funding through the crowdfunding platform Crowd for Angels.

If you missed out last time, or you just want to increase your shares you will have another chance to invest in eSale.

eSale is an online estate agent based in the North of England.

With our strong USP’s and guarantee’s we are a viable alternative to both the high street estate agents and the well known online agents.  We cover the whole of England and Wales and are rated as the very best online estate agent in the UK.

Q. What is crowdfunding?


Crowd funding is a way a business can raise money for growth in exchange for equity or shares in that business. Until recently, financing a business involved asking an organisation such as a bank for a loan. Crowdfunding is a way a growing business can raise finance by asking a large number of people (often customers) for a relatively small amount of money. You can invest from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

Q. What will you use the money for?


The majority of money we raise will be put towards marketing, with some going on staff training and equipment. We are better than the competition, just take a look at our reviews on Trustpilot. We just need to tell the world about it. You won't see us on TV or hear us on the radio but we believe we have now found what works and gives us the best return on investment. We simply need to ramp this up and make sure we have the staff to run our systems as we get busier.

eSale crowdfunding business plan

The online market and eSale

Market share

Currently accounting for 8% of the market, online agents are set for a big boost with some analysts suggesting that 40% of all UK properties could be sold using an online agent by 2020.

Our recent success

Since phase 1 of the crowd funding we have seen a 247% increase in property instructions over a 12 month period. With your help we want to continue this growth while still focusing on service.

Best rated

We are now rated as the very best online estate agent on trustpilot and top 5 in all estate agents. Our customers love our no-nonsense honest approach.

Price achieved

We know the market. On average we achieve 98% of the asking price. That's amongst the very best in the industry.

Q. How will you compete?


We can compete with the likes of Purple Brick, Tepilo and Emoov with your help. We believe we do not need the same marketing budgets they have. We feel we have a different role to play. They are putting huge resources into converting vendors from using a traditional agent to using online ones.

Our role is slightly different. We aim to reach the vendors once they have been converted to an online agent. And while some automatically use Purple Bricks because they have seen the TV ads a lot look around and consider their options.

This is where we aim our marketing, we promote our superior service on various comparison sites, social media and internet advertising and we time it to reach vendors as they are choosing which online agent to use.

In addition we are pushing forward with our unique Yorkshire angle. We want to be seen as ``Yorkshire's own`` online agent, and the automatic choice for anyone in the region who is going to be using an online agent.

We will still be covering all of England and Wales and indeed feel this unique angle will help here. In our experience we find that customers from around the country like the no-nonsense approach to business that epitomises the region and they welcome the refreshing change that we bring to the industry.

Q. What's in it for me?


Our brand, procedures and operations are an attractive proposition to a large estate agency or a national this point any shareholders in eSale are likely to make a profit several times their original stake. A conveyancing firm wanting a slice of the online property market and we have already identified potential buyers and received some very positive feedback.

However we feel we need to increase annual sales while the online segment of the industry is increasing. We plan to use the money raised to expand our current business and then to prepare eSale for a trade sale or acquisition. At this point any shareholders in eSale are likely to make a profit several times their original stake.

Last year we had a similar crowd funding exercise. Crowd For Angels valued eSale at a pre-money valuation of £300,000. This year they have valued eSale at £450,000 meaning last year’s investors have in theory made a 50% profit if only on paper.

In addition we will be offering incentives and discounts to any investor who is selling a property and wants to use the services. An added incentive - pay less tax.

Q. Is it tax efficient?


Great News, we have had confirmation from HMRC that we have been approved for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) meaning that as an investor you can claim 30% of your investment back through your taxable income. For example if you invest £1,000 you can claim £300 back from HMRC.

In addition you may be able to claim up to 58% tax relief on your investment if the company succeeds and you pay no CGT when you sell your shares.

Q. Are there any other incentives?


Crowd for Angels, which is helping us raise the funds, have just launched their own cryptocurrency called Angel tokens and is giving them away free to investors in eSale. For every £1 invested in eSale you will receive 1 Angel Token.

1) Angel tokens are being given for FREE as rewards to all investors who invest in the bond.

2) The tokens can be used by all holders to trade them on an exchange (in other words, you can sell your tokens on exchanges for Bitcoin and Pound Sterling) subject to demand.

Crowd for Angels want to provide maximum value to investors through Angel tokens and they hope the price of each token will reach £1 within the next 5 years.

eSale crowdfunding business plan

How do I find out more information?

If you would like to receive more information about this offer please contact us via one of the methods below. If you would like to know more about crowd funding call Crowd For Angels on 0207 437 2413.

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