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How to choose an Estate Agent

How to choose an estate agent

Well, naturally, seeing as you’re already here, we’d love to think you could click across to our home page, have a look at the services we offer and then decide to give us a call. But, as selling your home is perhaps one of the most significant life events we all go through – and many of us more than once – we know you probably want to compare us against some of our rivals, both online and on the high street first. That’s all good and, of course, we hope you’ll come back once you’ve shopped around. But what should you be looking for?

A good place to start is to have a look to see you can find any testimonials on some of the independent sites which list or evaluate estate agents. Lots of firms will have nice comments on their own websites, but the more cynical may ask just how genuine they are. We ask our customers to evaluate us on TrustPilot and you can find some of the things they’ve said about us here: esale Reviews

However, don’t leave it there. We’d also recommend the following:

1/ If you’re considering using a high street agent, visit a few, pick up some brochures or look up the details for houses they’re selling. What are the pictures like? Are the floor plans clear? Does the advert really sell the house or does it all sound a bit samey and cliched?

2/ If you’re visiting high street agents, make a mental note of how you were treated as a potential buyer. If you went in, did anyone ask if they could help or what sort of property you would like to buy? Remember, they could be selling your house.

3/ If you’re thinking of selling online, why not call a few agents to assess how your call is handled? Did you speak to a real person? How many button options were there before you got to talk to them? Did they ask what sort of home you were looking for or just help you find a specific property?

4/ You might have a shortlist by now so why not have a look at each agent’s performance online to establish how they perform in that specific area. We would always recommend you compare online estate agents which advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla and Primlocation as 94% of properties which sold last year were found online.

5/ By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of your top three so it might be time to ask each one what they can do to sell your home? Remember your comparison lists though. The one you choose ought to be the agent who ticks the most boxes. If none of them tick enough, remember you have every right to ask an agent if they can enhance their service to better match your expectations. If they’re not prepared to shift on a reasonable request, are they right for you..?

6/ Finally, when you choose an agent – even if it’s us, which we hope it is – ask for written confirmation of what the service is to include, even if it’s you who writes it down and asks them to acknowledge it. It could save a bit of time later, particularly if the house remains on the market for a while.

Good luck – and we hope we’ll be talking to you soon.

Still unsure what do if you’re thinking “how do I sell my house online?” Feel free to call us on 01423 623333 or visit our FAQs page for further help.